9 International Bioenergy Conference


2014-10-21 10:00:00

Towards a sustainable biomass market

The aim of the conference

The aim of the event is to contribute organize a global and sustainable biomass market, both in economic and environmental terms

Session 1: "Advances in baling, storage, pelletization and torrefaction to increase the competitiveness of bioenergy"

Representatives from all the organisations participating in international INFRES LogistitEC and EuroPruning projects will present the main results on:
  • Baling systems for energy crops, agricultural prunings and forestry resources
  • Fuel quality and storage
  • Torrefaction, Briquetting and pelletization of energy crops (and other resources)

Session 2: "International Pellet Market"

Since some years ago, wood pellets have become a commodity thanks to the ENplus certification and its sales volumes have extremely increased. Traders coming from all the world and the best experts of the most active markets will be in Valladolid International congress explaining the current situation of the world market helping to understand the current and future market movements. If you are a stakeholder in the national or international market you cannot miss this opportunity to learn how your business will develop in the upcoming years

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Registration is Open. Places are limited
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SESSION 2 FEE From 1st July to 30th September From 1st October to 10th October From 11th October to 20th October
GENERAL Registration (€) 120 160 200
AVEBIOM members Registration (€) 60 80 100

agenda :: Sessions

Session 1 :: "Advances in baling, storage, pelletization and torrefaction to increase the competitiveness of bioenergy"(09:30-13:30)
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Session 2 :: International Pellet Market (15:00-19:40)
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  • Christian Rakos

    European Pellet Council

    Session 2.

  • Arnold Dale

    Vice President,
    Ekman & Co AB

    Session 2.

  • Seth Ginther

    Executive Director,
    U.S. Industrial Pellet Association

    Session 2.

  • John Arsenault

    Wood Pellet Group for the Quebec Wood Export Bureau

    Session 2.

  • Belén Alejandre

    Biomass Department,
    AXPO Iberia

    Session 2.

  • Ana Belén Noriega

    General Secretary,
    PEFC España

    Session 2.

  • José Ignacio Pedrajas


    Session 2

  • Boris Sviderski

    Sales Manager,
    Rotterdam Bulk Terminal BV

    Session 2

  • Michael Wild

    Bridgewell Resources

    Session 2

  • Hans Martin Behr,

    PowerPellets GmbH & Co KG

    Session 2

  • Raúl Moreno

    Latin America, Spain & Portugal Director,
    Firefly AB

    Session 2

  • Jean Claude Poncet


    Session 2

  • Annalisa Paniz

    ENplus reference person,

    Session 2

  • Eric Vial

    Propellet France

    Session 2

  • João Ferreira

    Board Secretary,

    Session 2

  • Marcos Martin

    Responsable Relaciones Internacionales,
    AVEBIOM, Asociación Española de Valorización Energética de la Biomasa.

    Session 2




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