11 International Conference Bioenergy

Bioenergy 4.0. Challenges and opportunities.
The eleventh edition of International Bioenergy Conference, organized by AVEBIOM, looks to the future under the slogan «Bioenergy 4.0: challenges and opportunities”.

From today and over the coming decades, the energy sector will have to satisfy a growing demand for energy at the same time as it needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The keys to achieving this include improving the efficiency of energy generation and distribution systems and continuing to increase the use of renewable energy sources.

At the 11th International Conference of Bioenergy, we plan to connect digital 4.0 technologies with bioenergy companies, an essential sector for the decarbonisation of the economy. The digitalisation of companies in the biomass sector represents both a challenge and an opportunity and there is no doubt that those who are quick to incorporate digital economy systems into their processes and offer intelligent products and services will have an advantage over competitors.

Society demands more and more customized, affordable and sustainable services and products. There will therefore be a need for new business models that are more efficient and intelligent, targeting a new kind of consumer who is more aware of the use of energy and interested in participating in its real-time management.

Applying digital 4.0 technologies to the production, distribution and commercialization of energy will be essential for the successful organisation of the complex new energy scenario

Digitalisation, automation, advanced materials, connectivity and real time are terms adopted by industry 4.0 to satisfy customers. And the bioenergy sector cannot be an exception.
The Congress is set to present the tools available to implement industry 4.0 in SMEs, the development of fourth-generation district heating & cooling, the use of smart meters and their integration into energy management and look at the available technological solutions and success stories.