Tour roadmap towards the digital transformation

Have you started your roadmap towards the digital transformation of your bioenergy company yet, or do you think it’s not for you and you’ll get to it when you have time?

You’ve probably heard people talking about ‘Industry 4.0’, ‘Digital Transformation’, etc. for a while now.

Digital technologies play an important role in the energy sector, and are generating new opportunities both for suppliers as well as for consumers. You’ve probably heard people talking about the changes electrical utilities are addressing to digitise their business.

The Bankia Índicex Report 2016 states that eight out of every 10 Spanish companies have already begun their path towards digital transformation, although only 10.9% are competitive in this field.

At the 11th International Bioenergy Congress (11 CIB) on 27 September, topics will be discussed such as how bioenergy companies can take the final leap towards the digital and build momentum for their competitiveness by placing consumers at the heart of their strategies.

You’ll be able to get a first-hand look at the experiences of companies that have already begun their digital transformation. Marco Palazzetti, CEO of Italian pellet stove manufacturer Palazzetti, will talk to 11 CIB attendees about the importance of digitally transforming companies in a timely way so they can stay in the game, using his company as an example. Spanish pellet manufacturer Biomasa Forestal has participated in a pilot test for the programme Active Industry 4.0, and at the Congress it will share its experience in the assessment phase and the measures it has started to implement.

In addition to speakers from Spain and abroad, technological tools and solutions will be presented that can be used by companies at the different stages of the value chain in the biomass energy production sector, which may be useful to you or make you aware of potential improvements that can be made in your production process or energy service.

The updated programme is available on the website

Remember that the discounted registration period ends on 31 August.

11 International Conference Bioenergy

Bioenergy 4.0. Challenges and opportunities.
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